Founded Concord Energy

[Oil & Gas] Founded Concord Energy Pte Ltd.

Co-founded Provenance Capital

[Corporate Finance] Co-founded Provenance Capital Pte Ltd – MAS licensed CMS provider.

Acquire memberships in

[Oil & Gas] Acquire memberships in Dubai Mercantile Exchange along with two class B shares.

Acquisition of Petrocoal & Lightmax Marine

[Oil & Gas] Acquisition of Petrocoal Pte Ltd and Lightmax Marine Ltd (Coal trading and owners of 7 ships with size of 5,000 DWT – 12,000 DWT). Acquired equity interest in oil production concession in Indonesia.

Acquisition Of Land In Fujairah

[Oil & Gas] Acquired land in Fujairah, UAE to build a 1.2 million m³ of oil storage terminal for crude oil.

Acquisition of Exxon Mobil downstream

[Oil & Gas] Led the acquisition with San Miguel to acquire Exxon Mobile downstream business, refinery and 560 retail stations in Malaysia.

JV with Sinopec on Fujairah Oil Terminal

[Oil & Gas] Joint venture with Sinopec on Fujairah Oil Terminal Infrastructure project. Established Amity Energy Pte Ltd (Oil & Gas Infrastructure).

Joint Venture with Cool Planet (USA)

[Oil & Gas] Joint venture with Cool Planet US to roll out bio fuel technology in Asia Pacific.
[Venture Capital] Formed a venture capital investment arm focusing on early stage startup investments. Invested in Zyllem (supply-chain system integrator).

Commissioning of Fujairah Oil Terminal

[Oil & Gas] Commissioning of Fujairah Oil Terminal.
[Venture Capital] Invested in Wearyouwant (digital fashion marketplace).
[Real Estate Investment] Formed a real estate investment arm to diversify the group portfolio. Property enhancement and/or repositioning development.

Established Alcora Global

[Oil & Gas] Established Alcora Global (MAS RFMC License for Trade Finance). MOU with Johor Corporation (GLC) to build and operate the first Refrigerated Liquified Petroleum Gas (RLPG) terminal.
[Venture Capital] Invested in M17 Entertainment Ltd (Social Entertainment Platform now known as “17LIVE Inc”).

Acquisition of Rubicon Offshore International

[Oil & Gas] Acquisition of Rubicon Offshore International (FPSO/FSO)
[Venture Capital] Invested in Poccupine holdings (Payment Gateway Solution).

Invested in Technology firms

[Venture Capital] Invested in Pacific Green Technology Inc (Renewable energy). Invested in Siqens GmbH (Hydrogen Cell Technology).

Cumulated Real Estate Portfolio Worldwide

[Real Estate] Cumulated real estate portfolio worldwide with presence in Singapore, Switzerland, United States and England.
[Hedge Funds] Invested in sector-focused and geographic-focused market neutral equity funds.